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Research & Strategy

You know there are grant opportunities out there but you don't have the time or you don't know where to look. You could outsource the task of finding relevant opportunities.

Actually, stop here: Researching and identifying potential funding opportunities should not be outsourced. It is an on-going task that can be embedded in your organization. 

With a little bit of strategy and coaching, you can incorporate best practices to help you benefit from grant opportunities.  

Okay, if your organization is already stretched and need help identifying funding opportunities, Anne can prepare a list of funding sources for your top three fundable programs or projects.

Gym Equipments


It's about embedding a culture of grant seeking and grant writing within your organization. It's about strategic and effective practice.


Consider professional development to help build your organization's capacity.


Think about individualized training for your organization or register for the scheduled workshops.  See which  organizations have received trainings.


Writing, Reviewing & Editing

You know your program but do not have the time or maybe you do not have the expertise to complete the funding application.

Or you have written the grant and would like it to be reviewed by someone outside your organization. Maybe clean it up a little, make it more desirable. 

​Consider turning that task over to a grant writer.





How much would this cost?

Here are some ballparks figures to help you determine the feasibility of professional assistance. 

1-2 hours of tailored training- $500

3-4 hours of tailored training $1000 
One-day of tailored training $2000 

Small grant proposal $800-$1500
Mid to large grant proposal $2500-$4500​

Reviewing, Editing, Coaching & Strategic Planning
$150 per hour ​

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